As a custom assembler of water treatment and conditioning systems, Herot  Water Technology can offer you an almost unlimited variety of tailored equipment to solve almost any water treatment problem.

Water Treatment & Conditioning Products
Services for Residential & Commercial Needs.
Serving the greater Montgomery,
Bucks, and Berks counties of Pennsylvania

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We offer consulting, engineering, design and installation.

We provides 24 hour emergency service for most makes and models of softeners, acid neutralizers, carbon filters, reverse osmosis units and ultra violet sanitizers.

Have a mystery filter in your home?

Call us and schedule an appointment.

We can tell you what it is and what it does!


As an OEM for many major filter brands we can repair almost any type of water filter in your home.

From ultraviolet bulbs, water softeners seals and o-rings to iron breaker checks and venturi assemblies, odds good are we can help.